We were approached by an animator, to provide a song for a short film about a modern-day Icarus.. So we set to work. Unfortunately the film project fell through, but we felt the song would fit into the theme of this album - and so it stayed.



Don’t fall in love, you might get hurt
(is as good as saying)
Don’t live, you just might die.
What’s the good of finding you have wings
then being too afraid to fly?
You might say, Icarus – he went too far
His father said Don’t go so high

but in his ecstasy, his wings were lost
and he fell from the sky

Don’t let them tell you
Don’t let them tell you
That your love was all a lie

Don’t let them tell you
Don’t let them tell you
It's too dangerous to try

Don’t let them tell you
Don’t let them tell you
You can’t reach for the sky

The burning stars above are dead & in the past
Each breath we take could be our last
Better to love and lose than never love at all
to feel the ecstasy before the
before the fall…….
before the fall…


from Under the Sun, released October 29, 2016
Music: Not for Pussies
Lyrics: Janette Kidd
Brian Kidd: Guitars, Guitar Synth, E-bow, Drumbox, Percussion
Janette Kidd: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards




Not for Pussies Perth, UK

Not for Pussies came into being in 2008, although Brian and Janette Kidd have been together - and playing music together (and with others) for much, much longer.
We felt we're into an era in our lives where Bette Davis' quote about getting older (it's "not for pussies") felt very apt - and our music reflects this - and the experience of having lived a little! Our music is pretty eclectic ...
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