by Not for Pussies

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A taster track from our forthcoming album "Demon" which will be available in the Autumn.



He walked in from the desert, he never said a word
He'd been wandering in the wilderness, alone, unloved, unheard

They'd been in love, had a child, made a home
but she was too young, he was too wild, now they're alone

She performs for strangers, behind a glass all on her own
Does exactly what she's told to by the voices on the phone
Dreaming of a family in a dusty mobile home
Sleepwalking through the present, her mind replaying all she's known

They'd been in love, they'd had a child, they'd made a home
but she was too young, he was too wild, now they're alone
He left it all, found a place with no language, no road
Wanted his heart, wanted his soul and his whole being to corrode
Blasted by sand, part of the land, weathered and broken down to dust
He'd lost it all, seen his world fall, all because he'd never learned how to trust.

He needed redemption, to fix what he'd destroyed
No illusions of forgiveness - just a future for the woman and the boy
As he left, his mind remembered those family days out on the beach
They're gone and way too broken, forever taken from his reach ...


released June 28, 2013
Brian Kidd: Percussion, Guitars, Guitar synth
Janette Kidd: Vocals, Autoharp, Bass




Not for Pussies Perth, UK

Not for Pussies came into being in 2008, although Brian and Janette Kidd have been together - and playing music together (and with others) for much, much longer.
We felt we're into an era in our lives where Bette Davis' quote about getting older (it's "not for pussies") felt very apt - and our music reflects this - and the experience of having lived a little! Our music is pretty eclectic ...
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