The Code

from by Not for Pussies



We wanted to end the album with something, which recognises our desires to find answers, but encourages us to simply "be" and learn to sit with uncertainty..
Musically, this one was the final song to come together.. and it all fell into place very quickly, with us unashamedly using a ton of our favourite "70s" sounds. Jan wrote the lyrics in one short session.. with gratitude to her current favourite author, Richard Powers, whose poetic words were swimming around in her brain and begging to be recycled!


The Code

You think all will be, that’s meant to be
Some higher power at the wheel
but here I am, breaking nails,
even though I know I’m gonna fail to take control.

The seam between formula and mystery
traps us all within the weave.
And here we are, breaking rocks
to find the motherlode, when we can’t even break the code.

We fall from grace and into entropy -
Part of the Universal code.
And here we are, breaking the mould -
We think we got it all, till the Empires fall.

The truths we seek are always qualified.
We never seem to live and learn.
And here we are, breaking down
and being tested in the crucible of doubt.


from Under the Sun, released October 29, 2016
Music: Not for Pussies
Lyrics: Janette Kidd
Brian Kidd: Guitar, Guitar Synth, E-bow, Banjo, Drumbox, Percussion, Handclaps
Janette Kidd: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards




Not for Pussies Perth, UK

Not for Pussies came into being in 2008, although Brian and Janette Kidd have been together - and playing music together (and with others) for much, much longer.
We felt we're into an era in our lives where Bette Davis' quote about getting older (it's "not for pussies") felt very apt - and our music reflects this - and the experience of having lived a little! Our music is pretty eclectic ...
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